Writing & Due Dates

When we talk about historical writing, there are three thresholds you want to be sure to meet.

  1. Clarity: The language, grammar, spelling, and style of your writing should convey clarity of message and meaning.
  2. Conciseness: Say what you mean, and say it precisely. No run-on sentences. No page-long paragraphs. Particularly because we are writing blog posts, your presentation needs to be consumable, which means conciseness is essential.
  3. Evidence: Whether you are writing fiction or a traditional paper, you need evidence to support your writing. This will come in the form of footnotes.

Why is all of this important? Your blog drafts are due on Monday March 13 by 12pm. You need to meet this deadline, because the other members of your group need to read your post for peer reviewing discussions on Wednesday. So take what you wrote in class this week, and continue to work through Spring Break (or before you leave for break, if you don’t think you’ll have time between now and Monday Mar 13 at 12pm to write).

Your Writing Group is identified here. You will submit your drafts through Google Drive. The link to your group folder is on Blackboard. You should save your file as a Google Doc, so that your group members can comment directly onto the draft.

When you are commenting, be sure to change the Editing option to Suggesting — don’t go making major changes to their drafts that they can’t change back!



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