College of Older Americans

By Jordan Kessler Jordan: Hello Hurstorians! Welcome to this episode of Hurstories. My name is Jordan Kessler and I will be taking you back to the 1970’s for the College of Older Americans. (Intro music, probably peppy for sure.) Jordan: So, the COA or the College of Older Americans, was a program on campus at […]

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Two Yearbooks Sit Side by Side

By Addison Richmond Two yearbooks sit side by side, both the same standard size, both about the same thickness, both with the same school’s name (Mercyhurst college) in scrawled on the front. But there is were the similarities end. One is bound with a classic, marbled paper cover, the other is bolder, louder, bound with […]

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Make Mercy Real

Congratulations (and good luck!) to Spencer, Molly, and Lily, who all decided to turn their Mercyhurst Shorts in to the #MakeMercyReal contest! “Not Just a Man’s World: Building Empowered Women through Athletics” by Spencer Hess   “Fighting for a Change” by Molly Kennedy “Mercyhurst University: Built by Women, for Women” by Lily Gunn

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The Journey for Mercy

I want my short film to represent the journey Mercyhurst University has gone through. I would like to start off my film with interviews immediately. I’ve been asking my audience what being a woman means to them, or what the word woman means to them. The answers are so diverse. I want to show them/their […]

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History of Hurst

The concept of my short film I want to portray about Mercy Hurst University is the history of how the great Sisters of Mercy founded and lead the university to become what it is today. To start off my film I wanted to give the feel of a flash back into the past with such […]

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sisters of mercy

The sisters of mercy play a great role in my video and what I will be presenting to you in my video project. In  my video project I will be talking about racism and what the tolerance of racism is for Mercyhurst University. What their tolerance is against racism at this university, and what actions […]

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