The Battle Of Somme

PART 1: (Fiction) They Say War is Hell, Well, They Got That One Right.         June 26th 1916 (Three days before “going over the top.”) “Watch your footing here lads, it’s a bit muddy.” Sergeant O’Roke[1] shouted in an Irish accent to the men behind him. There were about fifteen men, mostly from Liverpool, Britain heading […]

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Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

With her legs crossed, hat tilted, and cigarette in hand, Gabrielle looked down on her legacy as it descended the spiral staircase one girl at a time. In the reflection of the wall’s long, paneled mirrors, she could see the first few rows of buyers, journalists, and fashion tycoons.[1] The slits of their eyes, downturned […]

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Adolf Guttentag

Adolf woke up on a snowy evening in 1940 to the sounds of men yelling at children playing ball in the apartment building courtyard. He felt his wife, Helene, stir beside him. Since theristallnacht two years ago, the Guttentags–like most Jews still living in Berlin–were light sleepers. They both peered over the side of the […]

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